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  Business Process

The heart of any business is its set of business processes. It is through these processes that products and services are delivered and added value is created. A process is a sequence of activities which adds value by producing required outputs from a variety of inputs.

Business processes are dynamic in nature and involve activities. However, if we want to look at the entire business system, we also have to consider the static aspects. This involves, for instance, the organizational structures within which business processes are conducted. Excellent organisations design, manage and improve Processes, Products and Services to generate increasing value for customers and other stakeholders.

Market Dynamics

In today’s competitive world, only those companies succeed who have their key processes well defined, properly documented, owners identified & results measured, reviewed & corrected, if reqd. Since, the marketplace is becoming flatter & flatter and product USPs less obvious, the distinguishing factors are going to be more intangible & strategic in nature governed by Key Business Processes. How well these processes are managed will decide how well company does in the marketplace.

Some of the key processes which have major impact on Company’s Strategies and performance are;

1. Leadership
2. Strategic Planning & Review
3. Ideation to Realisation
4. Sales & Marketing
5. Business Excellence
6. Customer Service

Key Challenges

Often employees are warned about the complexity of business processes, However, in our experience most business processes are thoroughly understandable and controllable. Rather, the lack of clarity and transparency makes them seem more complex than they really are. In many cases, existing business processes are documented poorly or not at all. This can be traced to the fact that for many years most functionalities were treated as 'islands' instead of parts of comprehensive business processes. Because of that, the link between activities—the process chain—is missing. If this overview is missing, business processes seem complicated.

The key Challenges faced by businesses today cover entire value chain; e.g.
1. Right man for right job | High Employee turnover
2. Delayed Projects | Delayed Product launches | Budget overruns
3. Cost inefficiencies | Productivity losses | Demand supply gap
4. Ineffective Marketing spends | inadequate sales Network
5. Service Network & Reach | Response time

What We Offer

The challenges for companies will be to improve existing way of working and deliver excellent results without compromising on Customer Experience, rather to take it to the highest level. This can be achieved by improving the Key Business Processes. When a company identifies how to integrate the processes needed to deliver this experience, it can blow away the competition. As the saying goes, “ A Product is easy to copy, but the Experiences are not”.

What Ascenso, with its expertise, brings to the table is;
1. Develop Talent Acquisition, Retention & Enhancement framework
2. Create & Implement Organisation Development and Succession Planning process
3. Improve Cost Competitiveness by way of VA/VE, Productivity Improvement programmes
4. Use Structured Problem Solving tools to address Critical & repetitive Quality problems
5. Help create Marketing Strategies | Marketing Plans in line with Business Strategy
6. Develop efficient Sales | Order Fulfillment & Distribution Strategies
7. Create & Implement responsive Consumer Care system


 Ascenso has domain expertise in following Industries:

1. Consumer Products